Pinewood Derby

It's Pine Wood Derby Time!

Pine Wood Derby is a fun event! It's a great opportunity for scouts and parents to do a craft together and enjoy a friendly racing competition. All the information you need to know about Pine Wood Derby is right here at your finger tips. Please see the following links:

So, do your best! Obey the rules. And have lots of fun!

If you have any other questions or need help building your derby car, please contact

A Note to Parents

Parents, this event is designed for you and your scout to do together, not for you to do for them. Depending on the age and skill of your scout, you may need to help out a little more or less. Encourage your scout's creativity and involvement throughout the process. There are many repetitious tasks in building a pine wood derby car that are great teachable moments. An excellent 5 step approach is:

  1. Let them watch you do it

  2. Let them do it with you

  3. Let them do it while you watch

  4. Let them do it on their own, but do it well

  5. Let them teach someone else (especially if you have other scouts in the family or another den)

Before you know it, they'll want to do it all by themselves :)

But, if you would like to see just how good you can make a derby car yourself, then we strongly encouraged you to enter the open class race.

Have fun, and see you on Race Day!