Arrow of Light Cub Scouts

The Arrow of Light rank is for youth who have completed 4th grade or are 10 years old. To join, please contact us!

A youth who is in the fourth or fifth grade is a Webelos Scout, and their adventures are found in the Webelos Handbook. Once a Scout has completed his Webelos rank requirements or a new Scout joins Cub Scouting in the fifth grade, they may work on Arrow of Light requirements. Like all other new Cub Scouts, a Arrow of Light Scout must first earn the Bobcat rank. After completing the requirements for Bobcat they may go on to complete the requirements for the Arrow of Light rank and the many electives that are offered for their rank.

​All Cub Scouts, except for those youth who join Cub Scouting for the first time in fifth grade, must earn their Webelos rank prior to earning Arrow of Light. The requirements for Webelos and Arrow of Light may be worked on at the same time but the tenure requirements for each must be met and the awards must be earned and presented sequentially.