In keeping with 'A Scout is clean' our pack has an Adopt-A-Spot by the school that we take care of and keep cleaned up!

Starting this year we will move the Adopt-a-Spot cleanup to be a pack wide event each month instead of each Den's responsibility on a monthly basis. This helps to ensure we can give our spot the attention it deserves while not creating too much of a burden on each individual den.

Location: Valley Parkway from Valley Oaks Dr. south to Cassion Dr.

Sign reads: Cub Scout 729

Recommended supplies: Trash bags, nitrile or other non-latex gloves

Please be aware of traffic and the weather when cleaning your spot.

Leaders: Hours should be submitted by going to this page (or the button above). It asks that you submit time and number of volunteers. It should take no more than 2 minutes.